Zappy 4" 500 Disposable Plastic Mini Tear Drop Spoons Dessert Appetizer Sushi Dish Zappy Elegant Clear Slanted Cylinder Mini Dessert Appetizer Cup 2.5 oz EMI-Yoshi Emi-620 2.7 oz Micro Cooking Pots 100 Sample Dishes
500 Mini Plates
Color Choice

250 Ct
Quantity Discount
100 Petite 2.7oz Micro Cooking Pots with Lids
Color Black
Zappy 5 oz Highbal Glasses Straight Wall Shooter Glasses / Cups Zappy 6.8 oz Square Dessert Appetizer Cups EMI-TH23B 100 Resposables 2 or 3 Compartment Polypropylene Taco Holder
240 Ct
Quantity Discount
200 Ct
Quantity Discount
100 Taco Holder

Zappy is a manufacturer and wholesaler of Elegant disposable Dinnerware, tableware and Party supplies. We Carry a variety of Brands including Emi-Yoshi, Zappy Products etc... a full line of Disposable Elegant Plastic Plates Bowls Trays Cutlery Serveware and Drinkware to Enhance your Wedding party or any event. All at Discount Wholesale Prices.