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Glimmerware EMI-GWFK4 4" Disposable Plastic Silver Mini Tasting Forks Glimmerware Emi-Gwsp4 4" Silver Mini Tasting Spoons Emi-Yoshi Emi-210 6" Scalloped Grip Disposable Plastic Serving Tongs Heavy Duty
400 4" Tasting Forks

400 4" Silver Look Tasting Spoons 24 Black Scalloped Tongs
Zappy Mini Dessert Spoon Clear 500 Ct Zappy Disposable Plastic Mini Gold Spoons 500Ct Small Wonders  Emi-Swsp4 4" Disposable Plastic Mini Spoons Tasting Spoons
Zappy Mini Dessert Spoon Clear 500 Ct
List Price: $17.00
Our Price: $25.99
Disposable Plastic Mini Small Tasting Spoons These Zappy Disposable Plastic Mini Small Tasting Spoons are Small Spoons, great for Desserts, as Ice cream Spoons, or Appetizer Spoons. These Mini Spoons are perfect for Sampler Spoons or Tea, Coffee, Tasting, Taster Spoons, and they will enhance your Dessert, Parfait Dishes and Mini Appetizers. Although this is a Plastic spoon these Disposable Plastic Mini Small Tasting Spoons are made of High Quality Plastic. Use these at your next Wedding, Tasting Party, Trade show, Sample or Sampler Catering Event. 500 4" Tasting Spoons
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Small Wonders  Emi-Swfk4 4" Disposable Plastic Mini Tasting Forks Emi-Yoshi Small Wonders Emi-618 5" Plastic Zest Spoons Emi-Yoshi Emi-634  4" Mini Tear Drop Spoons Tasting Appetizer Dish
500 4" Tasting Forks
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200 Spoons
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200 Mini Tear Drop Spoons
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Zappy 4" 500 Disposable Plastic Mini Tear Drop Spoons Dessert Appetizer Sushi Dish Emi-Yoshi EMI-617 5" Crescent Spoon Sample Spoons
500 Mini Plates
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200 Spoons
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Use this line of Mini Cutlery including Mini Tasting Sampler Spoons, Tasting Forks, Mini Tongs, and Mini Ladles at your next Sampling event or Dessert Table to add that creative touch. A Small Spoon or Small Fork will make perfect Tasting Spoons or Tasting Forks at your next Tasting Party. These Utensils come in Clear, Black, White, and Silver. These are perfect for use at Trade shows where people can sample your food in style. They are great for serving Ice Cream, Mini Parfaits, or Mini Fruit Cups at Bridal and Baby Showers, Weddings, or Parties.