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Emi-Yoshi EMI-REPG6 6oz Parfait Cup Disposable Plastic Parfait Cups / Dessert Bowls Zappy 2 oz Disposable Plastic Clear Sampler Shot Glasses Zappy 5 Oz Square Disposable Plastic Coffee Mugs / Espresso Cappuccino Cups
240 6oz Parfait Cups / Dessert Bowls
Clear ( EMI-REPG6)
200 2 oz shot glasses

96 5oz Square Mugs
7 oz Round Dessert Bowl Emi-Yoshi Emi-602 Disposable Plastic Appetizer Dessert Cube Cups Square 5 oz Clear Dessert Cups with Lids and Clear Mini Spoons
7 oz Round Dessert Bowl
Our Price: $52.00
Zappy 7 oz Round Dessert Bowl
192 Bowls
200 5.1oz Appetizer Dessert Cubes
Color Choice (Emi-602)
210 Ct
Quantity Discount
Zappy 5 oz Square Dessert Appetizer Parfait Glasses / Cups Emi-Yoshi EMI-REPG9 Disposable Plastic Parfait Glasses / Ice Cream Cups Zappy Square 2 Oz Mini Coffee Espresso Cappuccino Mugs 240 Ct Small Dessert Shot Glasses Party Wedding Cups Disposable Plastic Mug
364 Ct
Quantity Discount
240 9oz Parfait Glasses Dessert Cups
Clear ( Emi-Repg9)
Zappy 6.8 oz Square Dessert Appetizer Cups Emi-Yoshi Emi-601 6.8 oz Notion Appetizer Soup Dessert Cube Cups Emi-Yoshi EMI-REPG12 12oz Parfait Glass Disposable Plastic Parfait Glasses / Ice Cream Cups
200 Ct
Quantity Discount
200 Cubes
Color Choice
240 12 oz Parfait Glasses / Ice Cream Cups
Clear Emi-Repg12
Emi-Yoshi Disposable Plastic Dessert Bowls / Parfait Cups Emi-Yoshi EMI-REDB15 Disposable Plastic Dessert Bowls / Sundae Dishes
240 8oz Dessert Cups
Clear (Emi-Redc8)
300 15oz Sundae Dish
Clear EMI-REDB15
These Disposable Plastic Parfait Glasses and Ice Cream Cups have a classic shape and elegant look. Their Clear color, high shine, and sturdy quality, give them the look of Crystal Glass even though they are Disposable. The Crystal Clear Plastic lets you see your elegant Layered Parfait Dessert. Look through our selection of Dessert Cups to find the perfect Parfait Cups or Ice Cream Cups, Choose from Short, Tall, Narrow, or Wide, Dessert Glasses. Perfect Trifle Bowl, Yogurt Cup, Fruit Cups, Sundae Glasses, or Ice Cream Bowls. They're ideal for Catered Events, (think Weddings, Anniversary Party, Holiday or Birthday Party) Frozen Yogurt Shops, or Ice Cream Parlors. Serve up the most tempting Dessert Dishes in these Disposable Plastic Ice Cream Cups and Parfait Glasses. Many of these Disposable Plastic Parfait Cups come With Matching Lids.