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EMI Yoshi EMI-SSG1 1 oz Square Disposable Plastic Clear Shot Glasses EMI Yoshi EMI-SSG2 2oz Square Clear Disposable Plastic Shot Glasses Emi-Yoshi Disposable Plastic Crystal Wine Glasses
288 1oz Clear Disposable Plastic Square Shot Glasses
288 2oz Clear Disposable Plastic Square Shot Glasses
120 6 oz, 2-Piece Wine Glasses
Emi-Yoshi Emi-Swg2 2 oz Mini Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses Emi-Yoshi Emi-Mmg2 2oz Mini Disposable Plastic Margarita Glasses Emi-Yoshi Emi-Smtg2 2oz Mini Disposable Plastic Martini Glasses
96 2oz, Mini Wine Glasses

120 Mini 2 oz Margateeny Glasses

96 Heavy-Weight 2 oz Square disposable Plastic Mini Martini Glasses
Emi-Yoshi EMI-SPWG2 180 Disposable Plastic Square Dessert Wine Glasses Zappy 1.75 oz Shooter Glasses Heavy Weight Disposable Plastic Tall Shot Glasses Emi-Yoshi Emi-CS7 24 7oz Cocktail Shaker
180 2 oz, 1-Piece Wine Glasses
These 1.75oz shooter cups are brought to you by ZappyTM, they offer a weighted bottom that helps prevent annoying spills that waste both your time and your precious booze They're great for outdoor parties, poolside events, weddings, or just everyday use. Perfect for serving shooters or jello desserts, mousse cups, etc. Elegant look without the hassle of glass and with clean up this easy, just keep those parties coming...... ZP-104
24 7oz Cocktail Shakers Color Choice
Emi-Yoshi Emi-Mm2 2 oz Mini Disposable Plastic Martini Glasses Emi-Yoshi Emi-Sfc2 Mini Disposable Plastic Wedding Champagne Flutes Emi-Yoshi Emi-PBC Party Bombers Jager Bomb Cups Jager Party Bomber Glasses
120 Disposable Plastic 2 oz Mini Martini Glasses
Color Choice

96 2oz One Piece Mini Champagne Flutes
Clear ( Emi-Sfc2 )
500 Ct Clear
Emi-Yoshi Resposables 2 oz Disposable Plastic Shot Glasses ZP-136-40-200 200  2 oz Mini Disposable Plastic Martini Glasses EMI Yoshi Emi-ST9 9oz Clear Disposable Plastic Square Tumblers Rock Tumbler
480 Shot Glasses

200 Disposable Plastic 2 oz Mini Martini Glasses
Color Choice

168 Clear Square Tumblers
Emi-Yoshi Disposable Plastic Wine Goblets Emi-Yoshi Emi-CS10 10oz Cocktail Shaker Emi-Yoshi Emi-pbred Red Jager Bomb Cups Jager Party Bomber Glasses
96 8 oz, 1-Piece Fluted Wine Goblets 24 10oz Cocktail Shakers Color Choice
500Ct Red
Emi-Yoshi Square Pedestal Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses Emi-Yoshi Emi-Retr10r Disposable Plastic Rock Tumbler Cups Emi-Yoshi Emi-rewg2 240 2oz Disposable Plastic Dessert Wine Shot Glasses
180 5 oz, 1-Piece Wine Glasses
240 10oz Rock Tumblers
Color Coice
240 2 oz, 1-Piece, Wine Glasses
Emi-Yoshi Emi-Pbblu Blue Jager Bomb Cups Jager Party Bomber Shot Glasses Emi-Yoshi Emi-pbyel Jager Bomb Cups Jager Party Bomber Glasses Emi-Yoshi Emi-Pb Orange Jager Bomb Cups Jager Party Bomber Glasses
500Ct Blue Jager Bomb Shots
500Ct Yellow
500 Ct Orange Jager Bomb Shots
Emi-Yoshi Emi-Rewg8 8 oz Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses Emi-Pbmix Assorted Neon Colors Disposable Plastic Power Bombers Shot Glass jager Bomb Cups Zappy Elegant Clear Slanted Cylinder Mini Dessert Appetizer Cup 2.5 oz
240 8 oz, 1-Piece Wine Glasses 500 Ct 250 Ct
Quantity Discount
Zappy Disposable Plastic Gold Glitter Cups Champagne Flutes Emi-Yoshi Emi-CS14 14oz Cocktail Shaker Zappy 3 oz Plastic Straight Wall Shooter Glasses / Dessert Cups
400 Clear with gold Glitter Champagne Flutes 24 14oz Cocktail Shakers Color Choice
400 Ct
Quantity Discount
Mix and match our Disposable Plastic Champagne Flutes, Disposable Plastic Martini Glasses, Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses, Disposable Plastic Margarita Glasses, and Cocktail Glasses, Barware and Stemware for a smashing Party! These Disposable Plastic Cups and Drinking Glasses will enhance any Event, Party, or Wedding, Indoor or Outdoor. These Glasses have the look of real Glassware with the Convenience and Low Price of Disposable Plastic. They come in all shapes and sizes, Square, Round, Tall, Short, Large, Big, and Small. Whatever the event we've got the Glass to cover you. From a small Cocktail Party, or Sampling Event, to a Large Wine Tasting Party, or Wedding we have the Disposable Plastic Cups and Glasses for you.